Kamis, 24 Agustus 2017

Why I Cant' Come To World Tournament This Saturday


Today I will tell you why I can't come to World Tournament.
On the 26th of august 2017,
I not come the World Tournament because I will be attending family events in lampung.


Rabu, 23 Agustus 2017

My Dialog Holiday

My Dialog Holiday 

Hello  friend's welcome back to my blog.
Today I will make a dialog with my friend about the plan in semester holiday, her name is Tiara Nadita.
okeyyy let's go to start!

Syifa :"What's your planning in semester holiday?."
Tiara :"My plan for semester holiday is I want going to gyeongju, after I visit, I will visit some place again it's Yang Dong Traditional Village and busan in the south seoul, and what's your planning in semester holiday?."
Syifa :"I will go to south seoul with my family, with whom you will do it?."
Tiara :"I go to south seoul with my own family, what's your activites in south seoul?."
Syifa :"I will go to Fansign my idol it is BTS after that I will go to Myeongdong, Hongdae, Namsan Tower, busan and etc."
Tiara :"Wow, It's so fun!"
Syifa :"Yes, why do you choose a vacation to south seoul?"
Tiara :"Because I want see oppa and the view in south seoul, and you why you choose south seoul?"
Syifa :"Because I want see oppa too and want to see life there."
Tiara :"Okay I hope you enjoy your holiday!"
Syifa :"You too, bye tiara see you"
Tiara :"See you too"

Selasa, 15 Agustus 2017

my Grateful story

My Grateful Story
today I will be tell you about my grateful story in my life.
I hope you enjoy read my story.
let's go to read!.😁

 one day when I was playing bike with my friend she took me for a bicycle race.  At that time I was borrowing my friend's bike, when we play the race my friend cycling fast and me behind her I cylcled casually so as not to fall. and now my friend's already far ahead of me.

after 3 round I cycling fast because almost finish, i cycling sooo fast until my friend left behind me,
when I diverted I forgot to slow the bike and I did not realize that the car there.
And I hit the car, the person in the car was shocked.
 I really really shock at the time and my friend was also shokced, the car rider came out and help me.
And then there was someone who helped me. 
I'm so be gratefull because someone help me and I apologize to my ftiend because The bicycle. 

And form That I learn don't Never rush when using any vehicle

Thank's for read my Story and sorry if my english wrong

See you later friend 🙂


Selasa, 08 Agustus 2017

Make a conversation with my new friend

Make a conversation with my new friend

Tiara  :"Hello..!Nice too meet you!"
Syifa  :"Hello...!Nice too meet you too!"
Tiara  :"Can I know your name please?"
Syifa  :"Yes of course, my name is Syifa Savira Mulyana but you can call me Syifa or anything you want."
Tiara  :"Oh. Your name is syifa. I feel when you talk to me your voice it's like my another friend."
Syifa  :"Really! hahaha... By the way I didn't know your name?"
Tiara  :"Oh yes I forget about it. My name is Tiara Nadita but you can call me Tiara or Tir or anyting you    want and that's good for me."
Syifa  :"This is my first time I go to some concert."
Tiara  :"Ohh...Me too. I felt great concert"
Syifa  :"Where do you come from?"
Tiara  :"I come from bandung, and you?"
Syifa  :"Ohh we same again..."
Tiara  :"With who you to this concert?"
Syifa  :"I came here with my little sister."
Tiara  :"I fell so happy come to this concert because a lot of my idol came here."
Syifa  :"so do I, this is Music Bank from korea."
Tiara  :"I like al the idol and the Mc for the event it's my favorite idol too. Who's your favorite idol in this concert?"
Syifa  :"My favorite idol in this concert is Gfriend and NCT 127. It's time too enter the avenue we must hurry before the event start."
Tiara  :"Of course, let's we go!"


Selasa, 01 Agustus 2017

all about me!


Hello friends.....

Welcome to my new blog, i hope you enjoy reading my blog! xoxo :).  
My name is syifa savira mulyana, you can call me syifa or savira. Now I school in 3 senior high school bandung. I have one younger sister, Her name is astrid sabina.

When I was junior high school I have a best friend they are hadya yasmine anindhita, nadira tifa khalisa, merliana almanda ayuantika, putri aulia eka rahma,amanda rosalinda ranadipura, viona nanda ariska and icha hafizhotunisa.  

I was born on 1 august 2002 in jakarta, and yesterday is my birthday now my age is 15 years old .
my future goals is be a docter because i want help other people. my next target is being student at UNPAD or UI and make my family happy.

I like korean, i am a kpopers i like BTS my fandom is ARMY.
I want go to korea with my family and my friend because korea is a beutiful place
my bias in BTS is kim seokjin because he so handsome, i hope someday i will meet them in indonesia or korea.
thank you for read my blog. see you on next blog 
감사합니다 ^^

Hasil gambar untuk bts thank you!!! xoxo

Why I Cant' Come To World Tournament This Saturday

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